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Adak Petroleum tank release; Adak Island, Aleutian Isls, Alaska

Adak Island, Aleutian Isls, Alaska | 2010-Jan-11

Initial Notification: NOAA Alaska SSC was notified at 1930 on January 11 that 3200 barrels of diesel was released from an underground tank operated by Adak Petroleum from an underground tank on the west side of Sweeper Cove, upslope from the small boat harbor. Fuel was being transferred from a tanker at the adjacent loading dock, when overflow of the tank occurred discharging the diesel into an adjacent oil/water separator. This unit was also overwhelmed and the fuel entered Helmet Creek which flows into the small boat harbor portion of Sweeper Cove. Initially, two areas of hard boom with sorbent boom were placed along the creek and a vac truck was deployed at the oil/water separator. As of the morning of Jan. 12, it is believed that the vast majority of the diesel was confined to or collected in the stream, and only an estimated 1000 gallons had entered the small boat harbor. Apparently conditions are fairly calm in Sweeper Cove. The Coast Guard is planning on chartering a flight out to Adak to ascertain the situation. Current weather at Adak Island is NW winds at 30 kts, seas 9 feet; however, Sweeper Cove is in the wind shadow on the eastern side of the island. The SOSC requeste that the NOAA SSC join with Bob Petit from ADEC to conduct a SCAT survey of the entire length of Helmet Creek along which most of the oil traveled enroute Sweeper Cove and the small boat harbor. That SCAT survey report is appended. Due to the variety of fauna associated with Sweeper Cove and Helmet Crk, all the trustees decided to conduct a NRDA survey. Their initial report is also appended.

Incident Details
Primary threat:Oil
Products of concern:Diesel
Total amount at risk of spill: 113,000 barrels
Latitude (approximate): 51° 51.79′ North
Longitude (approximate): 176° 38.34′ West