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Ilwaco, Washington Tire Fire

Fort Canby State Park, Baker Bay, Washington | 1996-Mar-14

Initial Notification: In December 1994 after heavy rains, a native soil slide occurred on the SR100 Loop between Fort Canby State Park and Ilwaco, Washington. In the summer of 1995 rebuilding efforts began. Road reconstruction was completed in October 1995 using recycled 2- to 6-inch tire chips as lightweight fill material. On November 3, 1995, the road was reopened. The pavement began to crack in late December 1995. On January 3, 1996, steam and heat were seen emanating from the roadway and the surface temperature was recorded at 122?F. On January 5 the surface temperature was 165?F. On January 17 weekly air and groundwater seep monitoring began. On February 12 the toe of the slope was sealed in an attempt to smother the fire by preventing oxygen uptake. On or about March 14 an oil-like substance was seen seeping out of the toe of the slope with the groundwater. USCG district 13. Keyword: endangered species, sorbent boom.

Incident Details
Products of concern:Pyrolytic oil
Latitude (approximate): 46° 17.60′ North
Longitude (approximate): 124° 3.18′ West