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Fulchers Point Pride Seafood

Oriental Harbor, Neuse River, North Carolina | 1994-Sep-22

Initial Notification: USCG MSO Wilmington initially received a report of a mystery spill into Oriental Harbor, a tributary of the Neuse River in North Carolina. The initial slick was 40 by 50 yards and up to 1/8 thick. On-scene weather was light northwest winds at 5 knots and temperature 60?F. The source of the release was not readily apparent; however, persistent investigation by MSO Wilmington began to focus on the fuel tanks of Fulchers Point Pride Seafood. The owner/operator of this facility initially refused responsibility for the release. USCG district 5. Keyword: tourism losses.

Incident Details
Products of concern:#2 fuel oil
Latitude (approximate): 35° 1.00′ North
Longitude (approximate): 76° 43.00′ West