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Katina P

25 miles north of Maputo, Mozambique, 6 miles offshore | 1992-Apr-19

Initial Notification: On April 19, 1992, the master of the Greek-owned, Maltese-flagged vessel Katina P intentionally grounded the ship 25 miles north of Maputo, Mozambique. The vessel, en route from Venezuela to the Persian Gulf, had suffered structural damage during a storm. Two tanks were reported to be holed and an estimated 25,000 barrels of #6 fuel oil released. A Protection and Indemnity Club representative inspected the vessel the next day and estimated that the vessel would soon break up. Keyword: contingency plan, manual removal, International Maritime Organization.

Incident Details
Products of concern:#6 fuel oil
Total amount at risk of spill: 1,050,000 gallons
Latitude (approximate): 25° 35.00′ South
Longitude (approximate): 32° 59.00′ East