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M/V Bahia Paraiso; Palmer Station, Antarctica

Palmer Station, Antarctica | 1989-Jan-28

Initial Notification: On January 28, 1989, the 4,325-foot Argentine Navy transport BAHIA PARAISO, ran aground on rocks two miles from the U.S. scientific base at Palmer Station, Antarctica, and immediately began leaking oil into this pristine ecological environment. The transport was carrying fuel to resupply an Argentine station in Antarctica when it grounded and gashed a 30-foot hole in its double hull. National Science Foundation scientists reported that the oil floating ashore had already begun to kill krill, small, shrimplike crustaceans which are a major part of the diet of the whales that visit Antarctica in the winter. The oil also affected gulls, giant petrels, penguins, and possibly other wildlife near the station. The 234 crew members and 81 tourists were removed from the grounded vessel and taken to Palmer Station.

Incident Details
Primary threat:Oil
Products of concern:Diesel fuel arctic (DFA)
Total amount at risk of spill: 3,770 gallons
Latitude (approximate): 64° 47.00′ South
Longitude (approximate): 64° 6.00′ West