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Flooding of Mendenhall Lake and River, Juneau, AK

Mendenhall River, Juneau, AK 99801, USA | 2023-Aug-06

Initial Notification: On the evening of 5-Aug, 2023, a glacial ice dam released at the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau resulted in the flooding of the Mendenhall Lake and River. Per the NWS, the Mendenhall Lake gauge crested as of 11:15pm Saturday at 14.97 feet, several feed above the previous record. The water level is falling rapidly however flooding is ongoing. Homes along the Mendenhall River have been impacted by flood waters which has resulted in heavy debris and the loss of an unknown number of home heating oil tanks (HHOTs). The AK DEC is aware of 5 HHOTs that were swept away by flood waters. No current volume or capacity estimates for the impacted tanks at this time.

Incident Details
Primary threat:Oil
Latitude (approximate): 58° 23.59′ North
Longitude (approximate): 134° 35.02′ West