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Reported Oil Discharge near Johnston Atoll (about 750 nautical miles SW of the island of Hawaiʻi)

Vicinity of Johnston Atoll | 2023-Feb-15

Initial Notification: On February 15, 2023, the U.S. Coast Guard District 14 was notified of 350 gallons of Diesel being spilled in the vicinity of Johnson Atoll around the area of 17 49.7”N, 166 08.9”W, on 09FEB2023. USCG D14 has asked whether NOAA satellites picked up any anomalies in that area between 08FEB2023 – 10FEB2023 Zulu time. The position provided is the leading edge of the oil and the discharge likely occurred somewhere slightly south of Johnson Atoll and the above position.

Incident Details
Primary threat:Oil
Latitude (approximate): 17° 49.70′ North
Longitude (approximate): 166° 8.90′ West