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"Red Tide" algae bloom, San Francisco Bay, CA

San Francisco Bay, CA | 2022-Aug-29

Initial Notification: On August 29, 2022, USCG Sector San Francisco contacted the NOAA SSC regarding an algae bloom in San Francisco Bay that has recently been attracting media attention. The current bloom that has been developing for a few weeks has caused fish kills and rust/tea colored water and Sector has seen an increase in reports from the public concerned about discolored water. The algae has been identified as a Heterosigma species, commonly known to cause “red tides”. USCG requested amplifying information on this recent bloom as they continue to respond to reports from the public and assess their response posture.

Incident Details
Primary threat:Other
Products of concern:Algae bloom
Latitude (approximate): 37° 48.61′ North
Longitude (approximate): 122° 21.42′ West