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Oil Spill near Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru | 2022-Jan-19

Initial Notification: On January 15, 2022, an oil spill occurred during offloading from the Italian tanker Mare Doricum to the REPSOL-operated La Pampilla refinery submarine terminal #2. Source of the spill was a broken manifold on the underwater pipeline. Cause of the break is still under investigation. An estimated 11,900 barrels (updated) of Buzios crude oil (from Brazil) was spilled. ERD deployed two Scientific Support Coordinators to represent NOAA on the nine-person U.S. National Response Team delegation that went to Peru. Other members of the US team included six from the United States Coast Guard and one from the Fish & Wildlife Service. The mission was to support the Government of Peru with satellite analysis, oil trajectory predictions, oil spill remediation techniques, oiled wildlife response and emergency management.

Incident Details
Primary threat:Oil
Tags:Pipeline, Tsunami
Products of concern:Buzios Crude (from Brazil)
Total amount at risk of spill: 11,900 barrels
Latitude (approximate): 11° 55.23′ South
Longitude (approximate): 77° 8.56′ West
On-Water Recovery: Applied
Shoreline Cleanup: Applied
Dispersants: Unknown/Not applicable
In-Situ Burn: Unknown/Not applicable
Bioremediation: Evaluated but not used