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ADVs Alert & Sakarissa, Columbia River, OR

Portland, OR | 2021-Nov-04

Initial Notification: On 4-NOV-2021, the NOAA SSC was notified by the USCG MSU Portland that the abandoned and derelict vessel (ADV) Alert sank in the Columbia River near Portland, Oregon. The Tugboat Sakarissa, also an ADV, was moored to the Alert. Previous efforts in 2020 removed hazardous materials from both ships. There is a slight observable sheen in the water from oily residue on the Alert and concern that the Sakarissa will break free and float downriver. The CG has requested phone support, NOAA SSC to assist with consultations and technical assistance as needed.

Incident Details
Primary threat:Other
Latitude (approximate): 45° 36.94′ North
Longitude (approximate): 122° 40.74′ West