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16’ Vessel Adrift; Monterey Bay, CA

Monterey Bay, CA | 2020-Dec-04

Initial Notification: In the afternoon of 04-DEC-2020, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary contacted their NOAA SSC to request a drift estimate for a 16’ pleasure craft for potential recovery the following day. The vessel’s last known position from 1130 hrs (Local) was provided; roughly 3.5 miles SW of Moss Landing Harbor. No pollution threat. On Saturday afternoon (05-DEC-2020), an MBNMS staff member reported that the drifting vessel had been recovered and was successfully towed back to Moss Landing for salvage.

Incident Details
Primary threat:Other
Products of concern:Marine Debris
Latitude (approximate): 36° 46.27′ North
Longitude (approximate): 121° 49.91′ West