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North Pacific Gold Abandoned Vessel

Homer, AK | 2020-Jul-20

Initial Notification: On 20-Jul-2020, MSD Homer notified the NOAA SSC of the following: MV North Pacific Gold, a 90-foot crabber turned gold mining vessel, was abandoned in the Homer small boat harbor in 2016 after suffering a marine casualty. The vessel touched bottom during a low-tide event in April 2020, damaging the hull. The vessel contains approximately 6000 gallons of oily water in the aft tanks and an unknown amount in the saddle tanks. The OSLTF has been opened for assessment of the vessel due to substantial threat of pollution and Global Diving and Salvage has been hired to assess the vessel's condition. MSD Homer is requesting NOAA provide resources at risk to support removal and potential scuttling of the vessel.

Incident Details
Primary threat:Oil
Products of concern:unknown
Total amount at risk of spill: unk gallons
Latitude (approximate): 59° 36.35′ North
Longitude (approximate): 151° 25.53′ West