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Bryan Mound Incident

Freeport, TX | 2020-Apr-10

Initial Notification: On April 7, 2018, a buried pipeline discharged a reported 200 bbl oil at the Bryan Mound Strategic Petroleum Reserve site in Freeport, TX. The discharge location is in the EPA zone. The majority of the oil remains in the soil or on the ground near the discharge site, although some oil has migrated to Blue Lake, a non-navigable waterway. RP, ExxonMobile Pipeline Company is responding.

Incident Details
Primary threat:Oil
Products of concern:Oil
Total amount at risk of spill: 200 barrels
Latitude (approximate): 28° 55.23′ North
Longitude (approximate): 95° 22.67′ West
On-Water Recovery: Unknown/Not applicable
Shoreline Cleanup: Applied
Dispersants: Unknown/Not applicable
In-Situ Burn: Unknown/Not applicable
Bioremediation: Unknown/Not applicable